Why is My Background Check Taking So Long?

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Why is My Background Check Taking So Long?

Waiting for an outcome that has delayed can be a very frustrating experience. Even so, some processes need that you be thorough when conducting them. Such is the case with a background check. There are many factors that goes in to coming up with a comprehensive background check. This article will look at some of the reasons why you might be asking yourself, why is my background check taking so long.

Background history checks are mostly utilized by companies when looking to hire new employees. Such an activity needs that enough time is spent in finding all relevant information like criminal records, financial records, employment history, education background verification to name them. Such a process may take longer than anticipated.

Digitization of Information

Today’s information has been digitized. This has made accessing information quicker, faster and better. It has also made us accustomed to accessing information right away where we are able to download it instantly, send and receive messages immediately.

It is also possible that the information that is needed on the background check is not available online. This will call for it to sought from documents physically where it was recorded. This will of course take time. This also means relying on court officers to find the much needed information. Looking for the information physically may affect the duration of the background check process.

Severe weather incidents such as snowstorms can force court houses to shut down thus stopping the finding of the records.

Mistake on the Order Form

Background check applications with errors or mistake might course a delay in their processing time. Common errors include misspelled first or last name, incorrect birth date, incorrect Social Security Number or any unique identifiers may result in inaccurate search process.

The person running the background check might need to go back and double check their data and make sure that it is the right one. This is all the spellings and numbers involved. Employers are also vulnerable to making errors when they input the information on the order form. The verification of the information may halt the search process thus causing a further delay.

Comprehensive Background Checks

There are particular jobs that need that a thorough background check be conducted. Examples can be Healthcare professionals and those who task with managing financial information. An in-depth screening is necessary in those instances. The number of records that need to be verified in this case is huge. Such a process will take time.

State Regulations

Every state in America has its own laws that guide the performing of background checks. This means that background check activities will vary. Some states put more restrictions on access to certain type of records. The fact of how readily available that data is also plays a major role. This may delay the background check process.

Navigating around the different regulations put in place by the state you are searching from need that you have patience and caution, least you find yourself in violation of them.

County Clerk’s Court

Since some of the information can be sourced from the county clerk’s court, this put you at their mercy and will. There county clerk’s courts which do not have stipulated hours that a county clerk’s is expected to work per day. This may greatly affect the return time of the information.

These examples are some of the answers there are on the question, why is my background check taking so long. One of the above listed scenarios might be the reason why you haven’t received your background check results just yet.

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