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White Pages Background Check Reviews

Since it first opened its doors in 1997, Whitepages has served more than 35 million users. It’s never been simpler to locate family members, get back in touch with high school sweethearts, or check references for prospective tenants. Whitepages is committed to assisting people in using online resources to locate and validate people. In-depth Whitepages background check reviews, are one way to examine the company’s reliability and service.

Whitepages is essentially a people finder website, but like other people search websites, it is capable of much more. Additionally, it can be used to look up cell phone numbers, run background checks, and get information on criminal histories.

Data from the white pages is gathered from public records, such as court records and other outside sources. This information’s precision and comprehensiveness are not warranted. It is important to independently verify all information.

Overview of Whitepages

The mission of Whitepages is made crystal clear by the tagline “Search, Find, Know.” The business has an extensive database made up of public and criminal records from each of the 50 states. More than 275 million people’s contact details, including phone numbers, addresses, places of employment, and rental histories, are stored on it.

One of the top three domains for background checks is this service. The platform is simple to use, and Whitepages prices are reasonable. The business offers two paid plans for a more thorough background check in addition to a free service that uses data that is readily available to the public. The platform’s user-friendly app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, is one of its best features.

Other than a straightforward web search, it is possible to find all the information that can be discovered in Whitepages reports. A jurisdiction’s website may frequently be searched for addresses, phone numbers, marriage records, and even criminal and traffic records, which can also be read in person at a public records institution. Websites like Whitepages merely compile the electronic copies of the data in one location.

Consequently, not all of a person’s publicly accessible information is included in a Whitepages report, nor is all of the material you discover in a report accurate. Due to the nature of this business and similar businesses, data may be incomplete, inaccurate, outdated, or simply connected with the wrong person.

Even no profile at all or many profiles for the same person are possible. We took into account the likelihood that the reports we obtained might contain at least a few errors when conducting our examination.

Customers are not permitted, by law, to use these services in any official capacity due to the high possibility that there may be errors in any given report. The FCRA statute forbids the use of background checks and consumer persons searches to assess eligibility for employment, scholarships, and other purposes as specified by the FCRA.

Review of Whitepages

 Cost and Registration

Although Whitepages claims to have “easy and straightforward pricing,” we’ve discovered that this is far from the truth. There are various plans to pick from, ranging from various sorts of single reports to various types of plans with a constrained number of lookups – and it is unclear what data is included in each type of access.

Whitepages and Whitepages Premium are even two separate “services,” however we assume that the data in Whitepages Premium should be the same data available in a single background check report. Naturally, there are almost as many price points as there are different types of programs. The sole positive feature is that you may select between the subscription model and the pay-per-report model.

Through the app, you can also purchase one-off reports. These are the prices:

  • $1.99 for one premium lookup
  • Search contacts; $3.99
  • Three-pack of contact lookups for $7.99
  • Background investigation: $9.99
  • Bundle of three background reports: $16.99
  • Detailed plot plan: $14.99


The Whitepages website provides a very quick browsing experience. At the most basic level, you just start your search after entering your search criteria in the dialog box. In order to increase your chances of receiving a relevant response on your search, you’ll need to enter some basic information, such as names, a potential location, and so forth.

Considering how much information is contained in the Whitepages databases, the way it searches through this data and provides results is excellent.


  • It provides a variety of personal data about users, such as background checks, addresses, landline numbers, traffic records, financial records, professional licenses, property details, mobile numbers, ages, email addresses, criminal histories, search statistics, and much more.
  • Before you arrive, you can use reverse address search to find out who has previously stayed at your address.
  • Additionally, you can look up nearby businesses, their opening times, and contact information.
  • With the reverse lookup feature, you can find enigmatic callers and suspicious text messages.
  • Every background check is private and is run through SmartCheck.

These are some of the facts that are important on a white pages background check reviews. They will help you stay aware of what to expect rom a background lookup from the site.

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