What Shows up on a Background Check?

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What Shows up on a Background Check?

It is essential to know more about someone that is new in your life to avoid unpleasant surprises. This can be a new neighbor, new employee a potential partner. This article will take a look at what shows up on a background check once you conduct it.

Background checks are a great way to find more information on a person that they might not reveal to you. This process is heavily utilized by companies who are looking to hire new employees. People also use it to screen new neighbors and new partners as mentioned above.

Information obtained on a background check depends on the type of background check you are conducting. Background checks can reveal sensitive details on a person and it is thus necessary for especially businesses to familiarize themselves with what type of details are found in each background check and how to legally use it.

Examples of commonly conducted background checks include criminal history check, employment background check, education background check and credit report check.

Companies look to hire someone who is legit and can contribute positively to its growth. It is a big risk not to have some background information on your next employee. That’s where background checks come in.

Criminal Background Check

Every state in the United states has its own laws that govern what information businesses who are looking to hire can gather when conducting a criminal background check on their potential employees. Some states even put a date on businesses not to ask questions on an event beyond a certain time period.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that, a potential candidate for a job cannot be denied that particular job on the basis of their criminal history. Businesses are expected to consider details like the nature of the offence, the date of the offence and also how the offense relates to the potential employee’s job.

Candidates who are looking for a driving job will have their vehicle record background check done. Candidates who are looking to obtain a job where they operate heavy machinery, hazardous material, motor vehicle must expect a drug test screening to happen. That way, the background check conducted is related to the job they applied for.

Businesses who deliberately ignore employee’s relevant criminal history and hire them are liable to negligent hiring claims if the employee gets accused of wrong doing. Criminal records are what will help businesses avoid making bad hiring choices. Criminal background checks conducted for employment purposes may have information from county, state and federal levels.

Information that be provided by a criminal background check include current pending charges, felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, dismissed charges and acquitted charges.

Employment Background Check

This type of background check includes criminal background check education, professional licenses and past employment information verification. Businesses who are looking to hire may notify applicants that they will also screen their driving records depending on the job requirements. They may also be asked to perform drug screening test as part of the employment process.

As mentioned before, each state has its own rules that govern the what information goes into a background check process.

Background checks help businesses who are looking to hire verify someone’s employment history. This is the only way to prove that there is nothing false or left off on purpose. This type of background check reveal where an applicant worked, position they held, dates, and how much they earned.

All this is information that can be found on a resume. Some people tend to lie on their resume and an employment background check will expose that.

Credit Report Check

Credit bureaus are the ones that offer credit reports as they source it from a number of places. One example can be that credit card companies and financial institutions offer data to credit bureaus who in turn store it.

A credit report background check process can reveal identifying information like name, date of birth and address. They can contain a list of past credit enquiries which will identify retailers and financial institutions who has requested a credit report.

They can also display accounts that were made with lenders and bankruptcies. Other details that be revealed by a credit report background check are financial irresponsibility. Applicants who are looking to get hired for jobs that need them to handle money, must go through this check to determine if they do not show high level of debt, excessive spending or any financial irresponsibility.

Employers can see your credit report if you give them permission to do so. Even though they cannot access your credit score, they can view your bankruptcy information, accounts placed for collection and loan information.

These are examples of what shows up on a background check process. The outcome of background search is highly determined by the type of information you are searching for.

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