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Background Check Websites

Finding more information on a potential roommate, business partner, potential employee, partner or new neighbor is the only way to ensure safety and a stress free life. This can only be achieved by conducting a background check. There are background checks websites that can help you achieve that and on this article, we will discuss them.

Background checks that are possible online vary from each other. It all rest on what type of information you are looking to find. For example, a background check on a potential employee may want more details on their criminal records and employment history. A background check on a potential partner would not look much on the person’s employment history.

In order to perform a background check on someone online, you will want the best sites for your search. You will want a platform that will give you comprehensive and reliable information. This will help you avoid making wrong decisions concerning the individual. Below are discussed some of the background check platforms that you can use for your lookup.

Best Background Check Websites

It is true that a lot of information can be sourced from platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but they have their limitations. Information such as criminal records, credit report, employment history and educational background are not available neither can be verified from them. That is where background checks come in.

Good Hire

For one of the best platforms that offer comprehensive background checks, Good Hire is the solution. You can get standard criminal background checks plus additional report such as credit history, employment history and education verification from the platform.

Good Hire is able to do identity verifications instantly. They also do monthly monitoring too. The reports from the platform are detailed. The site gives access to federal, state and global courts. Extra information obtainable from the site include healthcare sanctions, reference checks and professional license verification.

Furthermore, you can also instantly verify a Social Security Number and identity on someone. Criminal records on the other hand, take about one to three business days to complete. Civil records searches will need one to seven days for completion.


Checkr has received validation from both candidates and employers for its outstanding performance on a background check as it is easy to use. Employers can search up to 25 candidates at once as they look to make a hiring decision. This will help them speed up the process.

It is possible to mass invite candidates by email from the platform. Its interface is easy to navigate and it limits inconsistencies in court records. Checkr is meant to offer background checks to employer with its more than 500 employees at your disposal. It has also received some of the best reviews when it come to the best background check websites.

The pricing of background checks is determined by country and a higher volume of searches might result in better pricing.

Reports from background checks conducted from Checkr include education, verification, criminal records, civil search, employment verification, drug and health, motor vehicle reports and plenty others.


Rentberry offers credit report and background check at a low price for tenants and is free for landlords. Reports are made available quickly from the platform to enable tenants to move in as fast as possible. All background check activities are done online from here, there is no paperwork to fill. Background checks on Rentberry are only available in the United States but landlords can list their properties even if they are outside the United States.

Tenants who are looking to rent a property will have to fill out an online application to apply. They will then have to pay a fee of about $20.00. This will be the cost for the background check plus the credit report which are made available to both the tenant and landlord instantly.

The credit report is compiled by Experian. In it there is the tenant’s credit score, identity, public records, collections, rental history, creditworthiness and employment background. All this will be background information from national databases, criminal history records and driving and civil records.

After a landlord has chosen their ideal tenant, they can send an offer electronically and sign agreements online. Rental payments are even possible online.

More Background Check Websites

There are also other widely utilized background check websites that you can try. Some of them allow searches with a number of options such as reverse phone lookup, address lookup, people search, email address and vehicle lookup. The sites have search boxes where you can look up using these options. Examples of such sites can be Spokeo, Truth Finder, Intelius, Been Verified, Instant Checkmate among many.

These background check websites can help you find any information on anyone. So before you let someone be a part of your life, try and find out more about them using these tips as they will help you avoid making a mistake.