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Tenant Background Check

Landlords who do not perform background checks on new tenants not only put the security and safety of their property at risk but also the lives of the other tenants, if there are any. All this can be avoided by conducting a tenant background check. It is the only tool at a landlord’s disposal that will reveal information like criminal records and rental history on the tenant.

As a landlord, you will be looking to find a responsible tenant who will be able to pay rent consistently on time, not break their lease, not damage your property. Knowing their criminal record, credit report, eviction history will help you determine all that. That is what a tenant background check offers.

Tenant background checks are supposed to be an automatic part of a tenant application. The form should have options where it allows a tenant to agree to a background check. This will help you in protecting your residence and all who reside in it, especially if you have multiple rental properties.

Tenant Criminal Records

As a landlord who is looking after the safety of their property, it is recommended that you look closely at the type of criminal record of the applicant, if they have one. Any arrest records should be a course for concern but the final decision rest with the landlord.

Things that should be of utmost importance would be the date of the charge and its weight. Landlords, can set up some criteria for their tenants. They can choose that they overlook criminal charges that are more than 7 years or choose to rent out to individuals with misdemeanors but not felonies, for example. Those are some of the choices a landlord has.

Tenant Sex Offender Records

The Fair Housing Act does not protect sex offenders. A landlord can choose not to rent out their residence to a registered sex offender and face no legal backlash. There are however, landlords who find pride in assisting people who have served time to reintegrate into society and get back on their feet.

Applications that have a sex offender crime on them need that landlord inquire more about it to get an understanding. If there are other tenants on the vicinity, it is wise to inquire what is at stake for them if they become tenants.

Tenant Employment History Records

A background check on an applicant that reveals them as having changed jobs and rental places on a regular is a red flag. A landlord would need to find out the reason behind that before making a decision. There might be a valid reason why this is happening, for example, thy might have separated with a spouse, their business might have hit hard times, their job makes them move and so on.

Tenant background checks exist to help landlords make informed decisions when it comes to tenants that they allow into their property. All in all, the buck with who a landlord allows to rent their property stops with the landlord.

Tenant Background Check Resources Online

There are countless online resources that can assist you in performing a tenant background check. Below is some of those that you might consider for such a search.

The American Apartment Owners Association

The reports from the American Apartment Owners Association will help you make the right decision when it comes to vetting applicants for a landlord’s rental space. You can conduct a search and receive your results instantly as their system is automated allowing searches any time 24/7.

With a credit check from here you can avoid renters who have a history of defaulting on their rental payments. Tenant background checks from here return reports on applicant’s eviction history, credit report, criminal reports and other details.

Tenant Background Search

For fast, accurate, easy and affordable tenant background checks, Tenant Background Search is your solution. With this tool you can verify an applicant’s identity, check their credit report, instant nationwide eviction records, search for their criminal records before you approve their application.

Tenant Background Search consider itself a leader in offering high quality tenant screening and tenant background check activities. There are also packages that you can take advantage of from the site.

Trans Union Smart Move

For a step by step guide on how you can perform a background check by first sending an invite to your potential tenant, Trans Union Smart Move is your site. Reports received from a completed lookup will give you a perfect picture on your applicant.

Results from a report include tenant credit report, tenant criminal report, tenant eviction report, income insight report, are examples. Signing up on the platform is free.

With this tenant background check information, you are well equipped on how to find out more details on an applicant before letting them into your property. With it, ensure the safety of your property as well as those around you.