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Maine Background Check

In order to assess a candidate’s suitability, employers and governmental organizations in Maine can benefit from a formal Maine background check. Criminal records stored in Maine are examined as part of official background checks. In Maine, there are restrictions on who can access background checks and what data they can see. Unofficial background checks can be helpful in learning about neighbors, coworkers, friends, enemies, romantic interests, and political activists but they cannot be used for official purposes.

In Maine, government organizations can access public records to conduct unofficial background checks. Many records about a resident of Maine are available for free to those who are interested, but they must know where to look and how to access the information. To guarantee that the general public can access government records, Maine has laws in place.

Maine Freedom of Access Act

The freedom of the public to view and copy official documents is established by the Maine Freedom of Access Act. Additionally, the act mandates that agencies in Maine keep specific records and make sure that the public can easily access them. The law also establishes a procedure for requesting access to classified documents and lists which records must never be made public. State law governs how official background checks are conducted in Maine.

Employers primarily use Maine’s government-run background check online facility as a means of learning about applicants’ criminal histories. Background checks and information about criminal histories are both permissible in the hiring process in Maine. Employers are advised that inquiring about arrests may be viewed as discrimination under federal law. Employers should only inquire about past convictions of applicants.

Background Report in Maine

In Maine, a formal background check costs money. Background checks are managed by the state’s Bureau of Identification under the Maine State Police. A background check for an application for employment or to check one’s own background costs $41. Through the online Criminal History Records Information system, Maine enables the general public to request background information (CHRI). Online searches cost residents of the state $21 and those living outside the state $31.

By gaining access to the records used to create the online background check information in the CHRI, unofficial background checks may be conducted.

Maine Employment Background Check Laws

You must follow all rules and laws when performing background checks on job candidates in Maine. Respecting the relevant legal requirements helps prevent fines, penalties, and potential legal action.

The pertinent state and federal laws are listed here in general.

Federal Laws on Employment Background Checks


The Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal statute that controls hiring procedures and the use of background information nationwide, is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. This law regulates how employee information is gathered, used, and shared by employers and was put in place to safeguard the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of customer information.

Before conducting pre-employment background checks, employers must obtain consent from applicants. The FCRA also governs what employers must do if they reject applicants for a job based on the data gleaned from background checks.

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A number of federal anti-discrimination laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, are enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In accordance with these laws, you are required to evaluate each applicant’s criminal history information as it relates to the open position.

Maine State Laws on Background Checks for Jobs

Several laws in Maine must be taken into consideration by employers when conducting pre-employment background checks.

Medical Marijuana Use Act, Social Media Law, Ban-the-Box Law, Substance Testing Law, and Special Requirements

What is on a Maine Background Check?

A Maine pre-employment background check can be straightforward or thorough, depending on your needs. We can complete a wide range of background check reports for applicants at

However, criminal history information, employment history verification, and proof of education are the most typical types of information that employers in Maine request on background check reports.

Here is what each of those reports should contain.

Criminal Records

If an applicant has any criminal history, you will be able to see the following details about the offense(s) in question:

  • particular fee
  • When the case was first filed
  • Decision regarding the charge
  • Date of disposition
  • Charge severity: misdemeanor or felony
  • sentencing details

You can evaluate this data in light of your open position.

Employment History

You can confirm the previous employers, employment dates, and positions held of your applicants with the aid of employment verification. By asking for a verification of employment, you can help ensure that your applicants are trustworthy and qualified while shielding yourself from liability for making a bad hiring decision.

Education of History

You can use education verification reports to confirm the school your applicants attended, their dates of attendance, and any diplomas, degrees, or certificates they may have obtained. This kind of report enables you to select qualified and reliable candidates.

Try these suggestions as they will assist you find out more with a Maine background check. They are ideal if you are looking to verify an employee, roommate, tenant or potential partner.