North Dakota Background Check

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North Dakota Background Check

You’re about to hire who? One of the main reasons why so many employers decide to perform criminal background checks on prospective employees as part of their pre-employment process is to provide an answer to this question. Investigating what your applicants have stated on their resumes and whether they have any prior criminal convictions that might disqualify them from your open positions can be done with the help of a North Dakota background check.

As long as you adhere to state and federal regulations, conducting a criminal history and background lookup as an employer is legal in North Dakota. Employers in North Dakota are required to follow all applicable federal and state laws when conducting background checks. You run the risk of facing sanctions, fines, and legal action if you break these laws.

Not one of the 35 states, including North Dakota, has ratified the federal “ban-the-box” law, which forbids employers from inquiring about applicants’ prior criminal histories. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of the Federal Trade Commission is a law that the state of North Dakota does require you to follow. According to this law, employers must notify job applicants that a background check will be conducted and obtain their written permission.

To stop discrimination in the workplace, federal and state laws, as well as the North Dakota Human Rights Act, must be complied with.

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws must be followed at the federal level to avoid discrimination, according to the FCRA. According to the EEO, you cannot discriminate against an employee based on their age, sex, race, or religion.

Information from a North Dakota Background Check

The majority of employers in North Dakota request a few standard types of reports about the backgrounds of their candidates, such as criminal histories, prior employment, educational background, and credentials. Reports of other kinds might also be required.

Here are some possible contents for some of the most popular reports.

Criminal Background Check Reports for Employment

The following details about each conviction may show up if you request a criminal background check for employment on an applicant with a non-sealed criminal record:

  • A charge of crime
  • The offense’s date
  • Defense grade (Felony or misdemeanor)
  • Case management
  • When it was disposed of
  • Sentence

Convictions that are sealed won’t be reported and can’t be enquired about.

Reports on Employment Verification

Reports on employment verification are among the most significant checks that employers ask for.

With the aid of an employment verification report, you can determine whether a candidate has exaggerated their prior employment history and ensure that the candidates you hire are trustworthy and qualified.

This kind of report will list each applicant’s previous employers, the dates they employed them, and the positions they held.

Verification Reports for Education

When hiring for positions that require a specific set of degrees, certificates, or other educational credentials, education verification reports are crucial.

Some candidates fabricate credentials for degrees they never attained. Others might buy phony diplomas from mills without ever enrolling in classes.

You can use education verification reports to confirm that applicants possess the degrees or other educational credentials you require for your open positions, as well as to determine whether the institutions they claim to attend are accredited and reputable.

Reports on the Verification of Licenses and Credentials

Certain job types necessitate the possession of specific licenses or credentials. A license and credentials check is crucial if you are hiring for a position that calls for a credentialed professional.

This kind of report can help you confirm that your applicants meet all requirements and protect you from claims of negligent hiring.

Drug Tests Before Hiring

In North Dakota, a lot of employers demand pre-employment drug tests and condition job offers on candidates passing them.

You can check whether a candidate tested positive for any of the substances you asked testing for on this kind of report.

Background Checks in North Dakota

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation can check criminal histories on behalf of employers.

But requesting criminal background checks from the state won’t provide you with enough details to help you decide on a job wisely.

This kind of investigation will only provide background data on a candidate’s criminal history in North Dakota; it won’t show whether the candidate has convictions from other states or from federal courts.

Additionally, this kind of background investigation won’t turn up crucial data regarding an applicant’s credentials, employment history, or education.

Some employers use a do-it-yourself methodology to conduct background checks on their own. They might conduct an online search for applicants, send numerous requests to various agencies, check the references of their candidates, and get in touch with the employers and educational institutions that are listed on their resumes. This method can take several weeks and may produce inaccurate, incomplete, or non-compliant information that does not meet FCRA requirements.

Partnering with a trustworthy background check service provider like iprospectcheck, backgroundcheck,, healthstreet is a better way to carry out background checks for employment in North Dakota.

By keeping in mind these tips on conducting a North Dakota background check, you have a high probability of landing that extra information on your candidate. They cover on the laws, possible results and place to search from in the state.