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Military Background Check

In the interest of national security, everyone who has been offered the privileged of working in the departments or agencies of the government of the United States shall be of good conduct, reliable and trustworthy. This makes it a must that every employee in any department or agency of the government be investigated. That is why even in the army a military background check is conducted.

The United State military is one of the best armies in the world. A military background lookup is conducted to determine if the person can produce quality work, has positive attitude, works well with others (employees or military staff), deals well with superiors and customers, does have the necessary skills, has no attitude or attendance problems and is honest.

It is a big challenge for felons who are looking to join the army. Their criminal record can pose a problem even if they have changed their lifestyle and are living an honest life. The military will check credit reports, driving records, educational records and criminal offenses. This will the military have a picture of the person’s financial fitness, past mistakes and character.

Military background checks are the most thorough an intense of all the types background checks conducted. This is because military jobs involve national security where there is classified information. Jobs that involve government security clearance especially, have background checks that are in-depth and detailed.

The scope at which the background check is to be conducted will rest on what type of position the application is for. For example, entry level military jobs that do not require a security clearance do not need a stringent background check. This is at the level of any background check conducted by employers.

If you are looking to find a job with a federal government security clearance, then that is a different story. Only people with crystal clear backgrounds are entrusted with these responsibilities by the military. A background check for these jobs can be intense as they will try and find all past information about you and analyze it to find out if you are indeed a suitable candidate for the job.

Since a military background is so intense, there are many layers and steps to achieving it. Below are a few components that make up a military background check.

Social Security Number Verification

A Social Security Number background check is done for all military jobs. This will so as to confirm that you are indeed a United States citizen. Failing this step will automatically disqualify you as a candidate for any job in the military.

Personal Information

Your personal life is what gives a perfect reflection of the type of person you are. A military check does a personal search on you to find out your real character and past conduct. This will include running a background check on your marriage records. It will also reflect if you are married to someone who is convicted of a crime. This will greatly affect you chances of getting your military job.

The same goes for family members and other people you are close to. If there are any dealings you have with certain individuals of questionable character, then you chances of landing that military job are reduced.

Phone number and social media accounts are not spared from the search too. Social media posts may show information like aggression, excessive alcohol use and drug use.

Driving history also form part of a military background check. Cases like DUIs and prior problems with your license will pose a problem.

Criminal Records

The United States strive to hire individuals of outstanding character. This calls for the screening of all your past records for convictions. This will include other events that did not result in a conviction like warrants, arrests, and dismissed charges.

The position you want in the military and the type of offence will determine whether you get the jo or not. The best option you have is to be honest about your criminal records except in cases of expunged or sealed records.

Convictions such as misdemeanors, felonies and other convictions are considered very serious and as a rule, can stop you from applying for a United States army position. A waiver may be the only thing that can save you as long as you can get through a physical, mental and emotional fitness evaluation.

Financial Records

Financial records can reveal a lot about a person’s character. People with low credit score or bankruptcies may be hindered by them from getting a high level military position. However, if your financial records seem to be in order, they might increase your chances of making it into the United States army.

An individual’s ability to comply with local and federal tax law in the past can also be a determining factor. If the background check proves that you have evaded taxes or have assets that you can’t explain, then you will be subjected to questions by the government.

If you are looking for information on what goes into a military background check on someone who has served in the army (veteran), you can visit this site.

A military background check is basically made up of the above listed factors. Unlike other types of background checks, it is more detailed for safety reasons.