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International Background Check

Companies who are looking to entrust their financial management to someone or are looking to enter into a business relationship are obliged to do their due diligent when it comes to conducting a background check. The future success of the company rest on it. A reliable and renown background service which is capable of conducting an international background check processes is the solution.

International background checks are used to screen and verify potential employees that are living and working outside of the United States. They are also used for screening individuals who have previously lived, worked or went to school outside the United States.

An international background check can involve criminal background check, education history check, employment history check, identity documents verification and a global watch list check on someone.

Such a background check helps employers make informed hiring decisions which are based on authentic results sourced from global databases. With a background check, employers are able to determine whether the applicant has the right qualifications and work history to serve the company well. Below are some of the leading international background check sites that are available out there.

Good Hire

Good Hire is an international background check site designed to lookup candidates who have global background.

The types of background activities offered by this site include an international criminal records search. Good Hire allows users to conduct this type of search from about 223 countries. It is best utilized for citizen that have lived outside the United States. Results from a search from here include any felony misdemeanor convictions and pending criminal cases.

An international education verification searches the individual’s secondary school, college or university education in the 223 countries. This type of search is ideal for current international residents or United States residents who studied outside the United States. Results from a search from here would include attendance dates, certificates, diplomas and degrees obtained.

An international employment verification process looks up any employer found in the 223 countries. This search is ideal for current international residents or United States residents who worked outside the United States previously. Results will include date of employment as well as job titles.


Checkrs is another source of international background check which allows searches from more than 200 countries where you can conduct domestic and international checks. This can be achieved by using their AI powered system which is built to promote compliance with even data privacy laws.

Possible searches include an international criminal search which can be conducted in – country by taking advantage of multi-jurisdictional databases and sources to compiled a comprehensive offense conviction record.

There are countries where criminal records are not accessible through third party site access. An Adverse Media Search is the solution in that situation. This search process accesses media sources, public sanctions lists and other public and private records sources.

Global watchlist record checks are used to determine if an individual is among those listed on an international or domestic watchlist for any criminal activity or sanctions with the FBI and Interpol as a most wanted.

An international education verification from here verifies candidate’s national and international education qualification like their degrees, course of study and dates of attendance.

You can also verify the previous 3 domestic and international employers of an individual with an international employment check. Results from a search include title(s) held, dates of employment, employment gaps and salary.

An international identity document validation helps valid documents presented are not lot, stolen, expired or invalid. This is mostly across documents such as passport, driver’s license and national ID.

Global Backgrounds

Global Backgrounds is another site you can try an international background check on. The site prides itself in having fast turnaround time. Most domestic background checks are delivered the same day. They offer customer help in that they avail themselves if you have questions before, during and after a background check process, through a phone call.

Their pricing is affordable as they offer comprehensive background check packages. The site is also regulatory compliance as they are well versed with regulations and standards that goes into a background check.

Types of background checks packages you can take advantage of on Global Backgrounds include the civil background check package, criminal background check package, employee background check package, nanny background check package and the tenant background check package.

Sterling Check

Companies who are looking for a global workforce need to perform in depth background checks using an experienced provider. That is where Sterling Check comes in. As more and more companies hire immigrants or look for talents overseas, conducting a detailed background check becomes an integral part of the business.

Background checks performed on Sterling Check include identity authentication, criminal records check, financial searches, HR verifications and reputation risk.

An international background check process needs that you find a provider that is reliable. The above listed options promise to offer just that. Try them and learn more on your applicants before making that ever important hiring decision.

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