How Long Does It Take to Do a Background Check

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How Long Does It Take to Do a Background Check

It is a common practice for employers to conduct a background check on people they are looking to hire. This is to make sure that they hire someone who will add value to the company rather than trouble. Individuals who are looking to find more details on potential tenants, potential partners new neighbors also do background checks. All these background checks take time to perform. The question then becomes how long does it take to do a background check?

There is no stipulated time that background checks take. This is because there are so many factors that influence the time it takes to perform the background search. For example, there are a number of background checks that are out there. There is a criminal background check, credit report history check, educational background checks and employment history check.

Each search is unique. A criminal background check for two individuals will not take the same duration to perform. This all rest with the availability of the records. Not all records are easily accessible.

An identity background check helps verify if a person is really who they say they are. Through an identification verification with a Social Security Number, you might find the person’s other aliases, full name, phone numbers, residential addresses, criminal history, education background and a whole lot more.

It all depends on how much information you are looking to find on the person. A thorough investigation will obviously take longer than a simple search.

Employment Verification

Normally, an employment verification takes about two to four days. During this time employer is to get in touch with all the HR departments of the previous employers. If the person had a lot of jobs in the recent years, then the process would take more time.

If the person was employed in other countries, then expect an employment verification that will take weeks. The applicant might be needed to fil in release form that will give permission to the employer to find the relevant information.

Criminal Background Check

The time for conducting a criminal background check is determined by a number of factors. Criminal records which are limited to one state or one country can take one or two working days. Criminal records on someone which are based on more than one state or country may take up to weeks to complete.

Credit Checks

A credit history check is essential on someone who is looking to get hired for financial positions. It’s used to verify their bankruptcy records, financial mismanagement and other financial related matters. Such a search normally takes two to four days.

Academic Verification

An academic verification process is used to verify the educational experience that an applicant has on their resume. This is matched with the data from the schools, colleges and universities mentioned in the resume. Such a process might take a couple of days as the applicant might be needed to sign a release form.

Professional Certification Verification

This type of verification is used to check the person’s membership with any trade organizations or verify any licenses or certifications that the person might hold. Two working day is the normal time it takes to verify someone’s professional certification.

When it comes to how long it takes to do a background check, these tips have you covered. Background checks are heavily influenced by the availability of the information.

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