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Free Background Check Websites

Learning a little more about the people around you is possible online. This can be achieved through a background check. This guide will help you find free background check websites that you can use to find more information on someone.

A background check is a process used by people or companies to verify information on someone as to whether they are who they say they are. This can be information like criminal history, education history, credit history and employment history, to name some. Some people may not divulge all details on themselves and background checks will help put your mind at ease about them.

Companies use background checks to verify the authenticity of applicants when hiring. This is to ensure that the business is safe and will be able to avoid negative publicity by hiring unworthy employees.

People also do perform background checks on potential partners or new neighbors. This is to make sure that the people around you are who they claim to be. Some people like to keep to themselves and would not reveal a lot of information on themselves. A background check on them is the solution.

There are numerous sites that can help you run a background check on someone for free. However, free background checks have very limited information on them. Paid sites offer more details. This is made possible by the fact that public records are accessible in the United States.

White Pages

The White Pages is ideal if you are looking to find information on someone for free. This site allows searches with a name, phone number, address and business name. This means that even if you don’t know the name of a new neighbor who had just moved in, you can look them up using their address.

However, free searches from here return very limited results. Their free results are phonebook information (name, number and address). Luckily, they do offer background searches on the site. This can be done using the White Pages Smart Check (a background check process that is compiled from criminal and other types of records), White Pages Tenant Check (screens rental applications). Such lookups come at a fee. This will allow you to get compiled records on people.

Information that can come out of a background check from the White Pages include criminal records, financial records, property details, professional licenses, traffic records, addresses and a lot more.

Truth Finder

Truth Finder is the ideal tool if you are looking to find more information on long lost loved ones, and friends. It is also a great tool to use in finding out what information is out there about you online. The site allows users to perform unlimited number of lookups on anyone. To get the best out of the site, you will need to register. They offer a one-month membership which offers unlimited reports.

The site does offer free basic people searches. Information available on such a search include name, age location and possible associates.

With a first name, last name city and state, you can run a background check from this site. Just enter the name on the search bar and hit ‘Search’. Truth Finder will then search public records, court records, arrest records and the dark web for details on the name.

Other possible searches from the site are reverse phone lookup and public records search.


With a database that has over 20 billion public records, this puts Intelius up there among the top sources of information on people in the United States. Its in-depth reports plus identify protection capabilities has made it popular among users online.

Intelius is regarded among the best when it comes to finding multiple connections on people. It is an easy and quick service to use to find anyone and all connections they might have.

To run a background check on someone from Intelius, enter their first and last name plus location (city, state) on the search bar and search. Possible outcomes from a search from here are court records, phone numbers, arrest records, online profiles, traffic offenses, and more.

Instant Checkmate

The interface plus the features other sites miss that Instant Checkmate comes with has made it to stand out. One example would be its capability to lookup inmates all over the United States. If the person you want to lookup is incarcerated, with first name, last name and location, this site will help you find them.

Furthermore, the site has a very cheap 5-day trial service that you can take advantage off. There is also an unlimited report service that cost more, that you can go for. This will give you access to the individual’s information like social profiles, phone numbers, ex-spouses, criminal records, financial information (liens and bankruptcies).

For further choices on a background check process you can try US Search, Spokeo, Been Verified and People Finders.

These are some of the choices you have when it comes to free background check websites. These websites pride themselves in having relevant information as they update their data on regular basis.

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