Employment Background Check

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Employment Background Check

By running a background check, we are able to find out more information about someone from other sources other than themselves. This can prove useful for employers who are looking to hire a new employee. With an employment background check, they can easily determine if the candidate or applicant will be ideal for the business.

An employment background check will give results like criminal records, employment history, education background, credit history to name them. Such a lookup calls that you get in touch with references like former employers, former supervisors, former colleagues and former educators.

This is all for verification purposes, obtaining information as to whether the individual has the skills, capacity, ability and character for the job.

Reasons for Conducting an Employment Background Check

There are a number of reasons why employers might conduct a background but the major goal is to find the best individual for the job.

By conducting an employment background check, a company can avoid harm or legal liability to the business or its employees. Examples can be sexual harassment to other employees and customers, work place violence, endangering the public by negligent driving, embezzlement among others.

A multi-level jurisdictional criminal background check is the solution to avoid such from happening.

An in-depth background check will reveal if the individual’s work ethics are the right ones. Their past performance in the previous jobs will show their professionalism job skills, productivity and communication skills. This can all be revealed by a reference check.

By verifying the information given by an applicant, you can confirm the authenticity of their qualifications, employer history, credentials and other details. This will also give the employer a picture about the applicant’s reliability and motivation.

There are numerous platforms online that are dedicated to offering employment background checks on people. You can try a search on them. Here are a few that can help you with that.

Employment Background Check from Good Hire

There are more than 100 000 employers from all walk of life who have used and trusted Good Hire to provide them with better background checks. Good Hire is a technological platform that delight in building a user experience that is easy. It is easy and quick to set up an account on it with automated workflows to save you time.

The platform helps you design a screening program that suits you. You can also choose from their pre-bundled packages. The platform is FCRA approved and has a United States based support that is ready to attend to any questions, compliance and screening problems that you and your applicant might have. Good Hire also makes sure that you are updated about the status of your employment background check.

The platform offers fast and accurate results you can rely upon from lookups across numerous locations, divisions, departments and clients from a central dashboard. Searches from here can be done for all industries which include banking, accounting, finance, construction, IT, retail, health care and education. The platform makes sure that it is easy for recruiters, resources teams, HR generalists, hiring managers, team leads, departments heads to conduct a background check.

Employment Background Check from Hire Right

It is Hire Right’s Specialty to provide employers with an impartial, in-depth information on an applicant’s background as well as their qualifications. Packages on offer range from entry level up to Executive Screening.

The platform provides screening services that are conducted according to tried and tested search processes while at the same time, managing quality control. This makes every background search conducted to be accurate making it easy to make the right hiring decision for employers.

Working with Hire Right means that you get extensive coverage on a global scale, where you get to utilize domestic and international experts for your screening purposes. You can also manage multiple background checks at the same time from here. Turnaround time is quick and yet offering quality results which are monitored by quality controls.

Employment Background Check from First Advantage

First Advantage offers services that will assist you in uncovering relevant criminal records, financial sanctions, sex offenders, all with a quick employment background search. The platform has a National Criminal File which is a database that assist in searching from millions of criminal records.

There are about 6000 to 8000 new records that are added on the platform on a daily basis. They cover 50 states. First Advantage has an unmatched global reach for businesses when it comes to global employment background searches. Take advantage of First Advantage’s leading screening services and find the right candidate for your business.

With an employment background check, you can consolidate criminal, educational, employment, financial and other records on an individual. That way, you will be able to make the right decision concerning the individual, especially those looking to hire new employees.