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Employer Background Check

Just like employers can run a background check on an employee, it is possible for an employee to run a background check on an employer. Employers run background checks to determine whether the applicant is suitable for their company. This is normally referred to as an employment background check. An employee or applicant can also run a background on an employer to find out if the company is the right one for them. This is called an employer background check.

It might happen that you are looking to find more information about a company you are going to conduct an interview on. Learning more about their operations would be a plus. Potential employees might also be looking to find more on the company’s credibility before becoming a part of it. Here are some of the sources online that can help you with an employer background check.

Google the Employer

One place that might be a good source of information on an employer would be Google. Searching information on any employer on Google can give you any details that stand out about them. For example, if the employer was involved in any criminal activity, sexual scandals, financial mismanagement, it might show up on a Google search. Then you will get a clear picture who your employer really is.

Corporate Information

Corporate Information offers up to date information on over 46 000 companies across the world. The platform is ideal for people who are looking to invest as it offers corporate and industry related information.

Looking up from this platform will give you listings of international directories, corporate profiles, listings of company extensions, industry specific reports, international business news, research reports and state by state company information sources in the United States. It is also possible to get details on a country, its industries or a particular industry. Registration on the platform is free.

Reporting Accounts

A platform like Reporting Account allows you to find value added corporate and industry related information. The site’s database covers more than 35 000 companies in more than 75 countries.

You can find such details like litigations, competitive analysis, company extensions, international business news, subsidiaries and more. Its interface is user friendly with a categorized menu.

There are free and paid services on offer from the platform. It all depends on what type of information you are looking for. The free services can give you a lot of information but for more detailed and comprehensive information, you will need to go for the paid services.

Crunch Base

If you are interested in tech based companies, investors, startups, location, events, then Crunch Base is your choice. You can find more than 50 000 companies from Crunch Base database. The platform takes pride in offering up to date accurate information. They would gather data from the public, review it with a moderator and then update it on their database.

The platform has been chosen to be among the top 5 search engines when it comes to offering information on companies as a result of its features like build in applications, information access and programmable interface at reasonable costs.

The Employer Identification Number

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is more like a Social Security Number for businesses. This number is required for a lot of business but some of them, it is by law. This is a nine-digit number that s issued by the Internal Revenue Service to identify a business. If you are familiar with an EIN of the employer, you can look up their business from a number of sources.

If you are not familiar with the EIN of the employer, you will need to first find it. The first step would be to find out if they are registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If that the case, you can then go to the EDGAR System on the SEC website and lookup using company name, CIK number, ticker symbol or the first and last name of the owner.

If they are not registered with the SEC, then you will have to either hire a third party company to help you find it or get in contact with the accountant or business finance department of the company and ask them for the EIN. Another option would be to buy the company’s business credit report or try to find their local and federal registration forms on the web.

For more sources on how you can find companies in order to do an employer background check, you can try from here.

These are some of the options you can utilize to do an employer background check. It would be a good idea to first find out what type of employer you are getting yourself into before committing. This will help you find out even their financial state, and come to right conclusion on whether they will be able to afford your services or not.