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Criminal Background Check

A background check is used to investigate someone’s integrity and character. This is achieved by sourcing the information from public data sources (state and federal government) and reports (maintained by private companies). A criminal background check is one of the types of background check available out there.

Other types can be educational history check, employment history check, credit report credit and motor vehicle registration check to name but a few.

A criminal background lookup normally returns the person’s aliases, age, date of birth, relatives, marriage and divorce records, crimes committed, arrest records, civil records and judgements, bankruptcies, social media information, traffic tickets to name some of them.

All this is public information and public records are accessible by law in the United States. They are available to anyone who is looking for them. Some states have made these records accessible online. People can easily search for them from dedicated websites. There are however jurisdictions who are yet to digitized their records. Such jurisdiction need that searches for records be performed on site from the county courthouse.

Criminal Background Checks

Anyone can perform a criminal background check. If you are looking to conduct a free criminal background check, then you can try it yourself. You can use a background search service online or visit a courthouse where the records were registered.

You can also opt for dedicated background search sites as they conduct a comprehensive criminal background check for you. They dedicate a lot of financial resources into gathering data on people, a process that might take you years to accomplish with the budget you have. Their methods of collecting data on people is unmatched and their reports are quite detailed.

Every one of these background check providers have its strength and weaknesses. This is determined by how they gather their data and how capable their algorithms are. Here are some of the prominent background check sites that you can try for criminal background check.

Criminal Background Check from Accurate Axis

For an up to date on information on someone in the criminal court system, Accurate Axis is your solution. By using this site, you will be accessing more than 2 500 federal, state and county courthouses to find out criminal details on anyone.

The criminal background services that are available from here include a county criminal search. The site has agents that aggregate the data from the courthouses directly. They also use court researchers with whom they have established a long standing relationship with.

State criminal searches gather information on felony and misdemeanor convictions from state databases. Searches conducted are in line with the federal, state and local regulations.

Federal criminal searches on the other hand do not appear in state courts because of their serious nature. Accurate Axis has a team that scout for records from federal courts in federal districts and gather records of crime in violation of federal laws.

With Accurate Axis, you can also screen someone to find out if they have a sexually related offense by taking advantage of the sex offender registry search.

The international criminal records search enables criminal searches all over the world. This will help you be comfortable with anyone no matter where they have lived and worked.

Criminal Background Check from Good Hire

There are several types of criminal records that Good Hire offers. Their intelligent platform allows them to link someone’s records with their aliases, dates of birth, Department of Corrections records and other identifiers. This allows them to give a more precise results.

A criminal court records search is one of the possible searches offered on this platform. It allows searches on United States district courts for federal crimes. It is ideal for financial information and handling jobs.

County criminal court records searches give access to county courts charges, dispositions and sentences. It is one of the most comprehensive and accurate criminal background check and covers 7 to 10-year history. You can select the counties to search from plus add aliases too.

A statewide criminal records on Good Hire gives access to state courts, police and law enforcement records. It is ideal for companies looking to hire as it compliments county criminal records lookups.

Sex offender records searches offer lookups from multi state registry. Other types of searches on offer are watchlist search, international criminal records search and RCMP criminal records search.

Criminal Background Check from Sentry Link

Sentry Link offers a comprehensive criminal background check and sex offenders search that will give you misdemeanors, felonies, sex offenses and more at county and state level.

Their background checks comply with the FCRA regulations for employment screening as well as tenant screening. Their self-check option allows you to run and pay for your own background check. This feature is mostly utilized by schools, volunteer organizations and rental property owners.

A criminal background check helps employers make informed decisions when hiring employees. They also assist individuals learn more on potential partners, tenants, new neighbors and potential business partners.