Arizona Background Check

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Arizona Background Check

The results of a state-level criminal background check can be used to learn a variety of facts about a person by accessing data from the state’s main criminal database. This is possible also in Arizona. This guide is aimed at giving you tips on an Arizona background check.

Businesses in Arizona put a lot of effort into assembling teams of workers who will contribute to maintaining their brands and fostering their growth. Since some candidates will make false claims on their applications and resumes, finding the right candidates may appear to be a challenging process.

Pre-employment background checks can help you in Arizona make sure that the job candidates you hire are honest and completely qualified for their positions. To make sure that your procedure complies with Arizona and federal background check laws, you must cooperate with a trustworthy and well-regarded pre-employment background check provider.

When you pick excellent employees, they can contribute to the expansion and success of your company. Making your workplace safer can also be accomplished by picking the right employees.

Simply checking references or looking up applicants online is insufficient to shield your company from potential legal responsibility.

These checks provide access to information such as arrest records, details regarding convictions and sentences, and related data. These searches are used by employers who want to see the big picture before making a hiring decision.

Arizona Background Check Laws

You should become familiar with the laws and regulations governing employers’ and candidates’ rights during this process before conducting a background check.

It’s critical to familiarize yourself with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Gilberg v. Cal. Check Cashing Stores ruling, as well as the Arizona Civil Rights Act.

Information Found on an Arizona Background Check

Businesses in Arizona have access to a variety of pre-employment background check information. Depending on the information you request, you might see a specific piece of information.

But the majority of Arizona employers conduct pre-employment background checks that include inquiries about a candidate’s criminal history, employment history, and educational background. Other types of reports are also available, depending on the nature of your open jobs.

Criminal history information

The following details about the offense will be included in the background check if a candidate has criminal convictions on their record:

Category of offense

The offense’s date

Record date

Level of offense: misdemeanor or felony

Treatment of the offense

Date of disposition

Sentence details

Employment verification

You can find out if your applicants have been truthful in their applications by conducting employment verifications. You will see the names of all of your applicants’ prior employers, the dates of their employment there, and the positions they held.

Verifying the employment histories of your applicants helps to ensure that you hire trustworthy workers with the appropriate experience for your positions.

Education verification

Candidates for many jobs must possess particular degrees or certifications. Your reports will detail all of the schools your applicants attended, the dates of attendance, and any degrees or certifications they may have obtained when you check their educational backgrounds.

Employment Background Check in Arizona

In Arizona, a central database of state criminal records is kept by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Nevertheless, the state will only give criminal history records to organizations that have been given legal permission to receive them. Other than non-profits, it does not disclose criminal history information to private employers.

You may send a fingerprint-based request for an applicant’s criminal history information if you are an authorized agency or non-profit representative. You cannot obtain criminal history information in this way if you are a private company or a non-profit organization.

Even if you operate a non-profit, the Arizona Department of Public Safety will not provide you with information regarding the employment histories, educational backgrounds, and other details of your applicants.

A prospective employer or landlord can conduct a background check using the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) accredited agencies. Background checks that are not FCRA-accredited may not be used to make hiring decisions, but they may be used to learn more about any of the following:

likely roommate (s).


romantic inclination (s).


Familiar faces.

Due to the state’s strict immigration policies, background checks are much more common for employment than for gun ownership in Arizona. Employers who didn’t carry out these checks and confirm the employees’ residency could have their licenses revoked in accordance with state law.

All remaining criminal court records in Arizona are open to the public, with the exception of juvenile records, which call for a court order to view. Neither record sealing nor expungement are available in Arizona.

A copy of your Arizona driving record may be needed by many employers and some auto loan brokers to approve your application. The majority will demand a certified copy of the document, but the three and five-year records can differ significantly (points for a speeding ticket that lapse after a certain period or an accident that happened outside of the requested period). There will probably be incidents from other states in the record as well.

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These are some of the details you need to be aware of on an Arizona Background Check. Familiarizing yourself with them will make your background check more productive.