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Alaska Background Check

Background checks are necessary for many jobs in Alaska, including those involving EMS, elder care, teaching, and driving school buses. Additionally recently, Alaska required background checks for psychologists applying for licenses. This guide is aimed at giving you tips on an Alaska background check activity.

Alaska’s state government was established in 1900, and soon after, records for the state’s 30 boroughs and census areas began to be produced.

These records have been converted to digital format over the past 30 years, and more and more of them are now accessible online through websites run by both private companies and the government.

You can find information from every county in Alaska by conducting a statewide background search on Alaska. This includes less populous counties like Denali as well as counties like Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula, and Juneau. The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau of the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) is in charge of conducting background checks in Alaska (R&I).

The Alaska Public Safety Information Network maintains this data, which is provided by law enforcement and courts (APSIN). Background check requests must go through the department because DPS personnel are the only ones who have access to this online database. The only exception is when hiring in the healthcare industry, in which case the state’s Division of Healthcare Services uses APSIN to conduct background checks.

Restrictions due to a Criminal Record

Inquiries about criminal history are permitted by the state at any point during the application process. Pre-screening for a criminal record is permitted during the application process in Alaska as there is no ban the box legislation in effect at the moment or one that is being considered in the state. Information that may be reported on an Alaska criminal search include:

  • jurisdiction in which the record was made
  • Case No.
  • Culprit
  • Charge
  • Date of filing
  • Offense level, such as misdemeanor Disposition
  • Date of disposition
  • Sentence

In fact, there aren’t any significant limitations on the data that can be reported during background checks in the state of Alaska. There are a few typical limitations to be aware of that might apply to an Alaska background check.

Dismissed Records

Records that have been sealed or expunged shouldn’t be returned by a state background check because they can’t be used to make hiring decisions. Similar restrictions apply to court records that have been sealed. If a record has been sealed or expunged, applicants are not required to disclose this information because it is not illegal to do so.

Correctional Services & Non-conviction

Conviction records are accessible to anyone who requests them, but enrollment in correctional treatment programs and arrest records that did not result in a conviction can only be disclosed under specific conditions (AK Stat. Sec. 12.62.160). Basically, you can also obtain this information if you can demonstrate a valid business reason for doing so or if you work in a sector that requires a more thorough background check, like the healthcare industry.

Details in a Background Check in Alaska

The verification of your Social Security number and name, confirmation of your most recent addresses, a multi-state criminal history check, a credit check, and a driving record check are all possible components of a background investigation. Typically, businesses that hire senior caregivers only run a multi-state criminal background check and a social security name match. Only if the employee will be handling money and driving are credit checks and driving record checks performed.

How Far Back Do Background Checks Go in Alaska?

Background checks are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which only permits a review of the previous seven years. States may, however, enact legislation requiring more disclosures. Different background check laws apply in many states when employees will be working with children or the elderly. To determine what will be part of your background check, you must review the laws of your particular state.

Act on Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA)

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which was passed in 1970, was created to safeguard the confidentiality of consumer data gathered by CRAs. The types of information that can be gathered by CRAs and used by employers on employment background checks are subject to a number of regulations under the FCRA.

In every state, including Alaska, CRAs and employers must abide by the FCRA. Employers are prohibited by the FCRA from disclosing details of arrests that took place seven years ago or more and did not result in convictions. In addition, information about liens, civil lawsuits, bankruptcies, and collections that is older than seven years is not permitted to be reported.

These limitations are subject to a salary cap. The information can be reported if the positions you’re hiring for pay $75,000 or more. Regardless of age or offered salary, information about criminal convictions may be disclosed.

In Alaska, employers are required to give applicants written notice before running a pre-employment background check. Additionally, prior to conducting any research, they must have each applicant’s written consent.

How to Obtain Public Records in Alaska on a Background Check

‌You’ll probably need to submit a public records request, which must contain the following information regardless of which agency has the records:

  • your name and e-mail address
  • The full description of the document, including the date, author, and other information.
  • a date by which you’d like to get the materials
  • Document delivery via email, UPS, or another method

The opening hours of each public records office vary. Always call the office nearest you before making a request in person.

Sites that can help you perform a background check process in Alaska are,,,,,

These are options that are available on an Alaska background check online. Covered here are the points you should be aware of before embarking on your background check process.