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About Us


This website was created for people (employers, friends, college admins, etc.) that want to run background checks on the people in their lives, be it future employers or potential spouses. USBackgroundcheck.net aims to give you easy access to data that can be used to make the right decisions.

What can I use USBackgroundcheck.net for?

You can use this site for any of the following background checks:

  1. Landlord background check
  2. Employment background check
  3. Employer background check
  4. Criminal background check
  5. Tenant background check
  6. Nanny background check
  7. Roommate background check
  8. Military background check
  9. Rental background check
  10. Gun background check

Why choose USBackgroundcheck.net?

We offer numerous background check options to cater for everyone that needs to run a background check. This makes it easy to run numerous searches on one site instead of using numerous sites for each of these searches. This will help you save time while getting the most out of this site.

Trusted Sources

All data provided on this website pertaining to people is official info also made available on public databases such as public records. This means that no info found on the site is fake or made up.

Full Results

Searches done on this site are more extensive and accurate than general search engine searches where you get general results. Results received will include person’s full history, depending on the type of search you’re running.

USBackgroundcheck.net and all people search results are optimized for desktop and mobile viewing. This eliminates the need to install apps for viewing the site on mobile. For support or enquiries, you can contact us at info@usbackgroundcheck.net  or visit our contact-us page any time of day.

Contact Us

Address:1600 6th Ave, York, PA 17404, United States
Tellephone:(717) 220-5792