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Welcome to – If you are looking for free background check resources, tools and guides, then you have come to the right place. We are dedicated to helping you find public records in the U.S. with ease.  You can use our website to find information how to search by state as well as key categories. We recommend that you look through the sections below and choose the one that best describes the background information you are trying to lookup. 

Criminal background check

A criminal background lookup typically show the person’s aliases, age, date of birth, relatives, marriage and divorce records, crimes committed, arrest records, civil records and judgements, bankruptcies, social media information, traffic tickets to name some of them.

Employment background check

An employment background check will give results like criminal records, employment history, education background to name them. You may have to get in touch with references like former employers, former supervisors, former colleagues and former educators.

Gun background check

When buying a gun An FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) will contact the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) by phone or electronically who will run your information.  The background check will last for about 30 seconds. 

Landlord background checkds

It can be really hard to find a rental place that fits your pocket and needs in this fast paced and competitive world. This can be made harder if you get a landlord from hell. A landlord background check is the solution in such an instance. 

Military background check

 A military background lookup is conducted to determine if the person can produce quality work, has positive attitude, works well with others (employees or military staff), deals well with superiors and customers, does have the necessary skills, has no attitude or attendance problems and is honest.

Nanny background check

Since nanny background checks prove to be time consuming and demanding, yet essential, it is recommended that you solicit the services of a nanny background check. It is recommended that you select one that is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. 

Rental background check

Landlords who choose to use tenant screening services are at an advantage as these services have experience in the field. They also have countless sources where they can get the information quick and fast. Here are some rental background services you can try out.

Real estate background check

Information that can be obtained from a real estate background check include licensing, criminal history, previous jobs, drug use, driving history among them. Property buyers can use this information to make an informed decision when hiring a real estate agent.

Tenant background check

Tenant background checks exist to help landlords make informed decisions when it comes to tenants that they allow into their property. These checks are supposed to be an automatic part of a tenant application. 

Employer background check

 Learning more about a company you are soon to join is a crucial part of your career success. It is vital that you find out more about the company’s credibility before becoming a part of it for many reasons...

Roommate background check

Having a roommate can be a wonderful experience as it not only helps you save on money but also have someone to share personal space with. That is one reason it is a necessity to take precautions with the person you let into your personal space. 

Background check websites

It is true that a lot of information can be sourced from search engines and social media, but they have their limitations. Information such as criminal records, credit report, employment history and educational background are not available neither can be verified from them. 

Background Check by State

Frequently Asked Questions

Information normally found from a background check include the individual’s aliases, age, date of birth, criminal record, credit report, relatives, marriage and divorce records, traffic tickets, civil records and judgements, bankruptcies, social media details and online presence.

You can find previous address for background check by requesting a credit report, check past tax records. These documents have addresses that were used when they were processed. You can also make use of the services of a third party people search engines.

You can do a free background check by SSN through databases like the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration. You can also try searching from USA Trace, Direct Screening. SSN lookups are easier for employers and tenants.

Federal and state laws play a major part in influencing the time frame of background checks. It is common to have screening going back 7 years. However, there exceptions to this as previous bankruptcies can go back as far as ten years.

It is possible that the information that is needed on the background check is not available online. This will call for it to sought from documents physically where it was recorded. Mistakes on the order form, reasons to conduct a comprehensive background check and state regulations are some of the reasons.

A criminal background check rest with the availability of the records and type of record being lookup. Not all records are easily accessible. It all depends on how much information you are looking to find on the person. A thorough investigation will obviously take longer than a simple search.

An international background check helps employers make informed hiring decisions which are based on authentic results sourced from global databases. Websites like Good Hire, Checkr’s, Global Background and Sterling can help you on an international background check.

Even though misdemeanor felonies have minor punishment, they stay on your criminal record forever unless you petition for its expungement. So, they do show up on a background check report. However, this can be highly influenced by the type of background check that is being conducted.

It is common for pending charges to show on criminal background checks. If the person who is conducting the background check searches from the county level (county criminal records search), then the records will show up. However, some states do not permit the reporting or use of pending charges.

Free background checks have very limited information on them. Paid sites offer more details. They have information like be information like criminal history, education history, credit history and employment history, to name some.